Donald Trump Wants A Rod FIRED!

Posted by: Lauren Jun 01, 2013


Of course Donald Trump’s favorite phrase is “You’re Fired!” First it was the job hopefuls on his hit show The Apprentice, then it was celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice, then his target became Barak Obama, now his new target is New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez. After a season full of inconsistent performance and a horrible post season that has resulted in benching, Donald Trump is giving his opinion to the Yankees and believes that the third baseman should be fired. “I would terminate his contract, personally,” Trump said on The Michael Kay Show hours before New York’s Game 3 loss. “Since he signed his contract, they find out that he took drugs. It came out in Sports Illustrated. It came out in a couple other places,” Trump told Kay. “He actually admitted he took drugs. Now he’s not taking drugs anymore and without drugs, he’s less than an average player.” Trump isn’t just using this opportunity to bash A Rod but also his teammate Derek Jeter. Only a couple of days ago Trump tweeted that Jeter’s ankle injury was karma since Jeter moved out of one of Trump’s apartment buildings in New York. Trump you should be fired. Should stick to real estate, and leave sports and politics to the experts. I’m just sayin! Your Jersey Girlfriend, Sassy Sally



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