Does (Muscle) Size Matter?

Posted by: Georgia Nov 04, 2013


Excluding actual competitive athletes, most of us hit the gym to look and feel better – but do ladies actually notice our bodies the way we notice theirs?  Do they care about our BMI, body fat percentage, and shredded pecs?  

Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, but probably not for the reasons you think.

What Fitness Says About You

A lean, muscular body used to represent health and physical prowess, but now it really represents the leisure time you have to spend at the gym. When you have six-pack abs and chiseled pecs, what you’re actually saying to the world is “I have the resources to just work on my body for 3 hours a day while all you peons have to work for a living.”  A lean, toned, tanned body is a status symbol.

But too much tan and shred screams “guido,” and can be an enormous turn-off. A guy who spends that much time in the gym probably spends the rest of his time fist-pumping with his bro-dudes at dubstep shows and screaming at his mom for not doing his laundry fast enough.  The greased-up Jersey Shore look can indicate insecurity, misplaced priorities, and a very seriously confused sexual identity.

What YOU Say About You

More often than not, women want confidence. Boldfaced douchebag swagger will probably get you some girls, but if you’re not respecting yourself and getting the body you actually want, women probably won’t want it either. This means that unless you really like oiling up and spending long hours staring enviously at another man’s washboard abs, you should be focusing on what you really want to accomplish with your exercise.

Get Moving

Sprawling on the couch eating Cheetos and watching My Little Pony in between trips to the fridge isn’t going to get you noticed no matter how you look.  Exercise isn’t all about getting swole and  pumped-up cock diesel Carrot Top style – it’s about health and confidence, which are both sexy and irresistible.

Get fit, get healthy, and learn to appreciate your body for what it is and what it can do. Looking like a Chippendale’s dancer isn’t a sure-fire way to get women, nor is being a big fat tub of goo a guaranteed turn off.  Respect your body, know its limitations, stay active, and you’ll find that you’re a lot more confident and a lot less lonely no matter how you look.



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