A gift that keeps her giving

Posted by: Georgia Feb 16, 2014


There are many ways to show her you care during this holiday season. Not sneaking out of the bed before she wakes up, checking her Jetta's tire pressure and picking up the Reuben sandwich you dropped on her closet last week are all nice things to do. But when that special day finally arrives, it's probably best to give her a thoughtful gift.   


It's easier than ever to find a great tech gift for a woman. The bulk of the American public owns some kind of Apple product (or any variety of laptop), and there are great accessories available for almost any device. Gucci makes laptop sleeves that combine high-end looks with modern day utility. It's a match made in woman heaven. If she's not the type who already owns the latest and greatest in tech, introduce her to something she'd like. A Kindle is always a nice gift. Pricey enough to show you are not a cheapo, but affordable enough to keep your stripper-tip reserve untouched.   


Jewelry is always a can't-miss gift for her. But if "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" every sexual escapade begins with boutique jewelry. Instead of spending money on a tacky piece of jewelry every suburban father is buying for his wife this year, go to an independent jeweler and buy a vintage necklace, ring or bracelet. Vintage jewelry is one-of-a-kind, generally looks better and can be found at better prices than the chain-store alternative.


Don't kid yourself. You have no idea what size or style your girlfriend wears. Clothes should be the last resort, because she is not going to like anything you pick out. If you have to go with clothes, do not use your awful fashion sense and "best judgment." Go to a store with plenty of attractive women that have to wear the clothes their store sells. Find a sales associate about your girlfriend's size, and ask her to recommend two or three things. Or you can go the Clark Grizwold route and try to select some lingerie.

Keep your gift simple but thoughtful. And always be aware of hint-dropping, the easiest way to get an idea of what she wants. When in doubt, buy her the tech, the jewelry and the clothes. 



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